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On the 2nd day until Christmas Break....
12/15/2016 1:00 PM

On the 2nd day until Christmas Break my Instructional Tech Team sent to me.....

11 Awesome Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons

  1. Extensity - Have the ability to turn on and off extensions when only when you need them.  Don’t clutter your Extension Bar with ones you only use every once in a while!
  2. Grammarly - language writing enhancement platform. Proofreading tool for google docs with a plagiarism detector.
  3. Google Calendar- extension for chrome that will allow you to see your schedule at the click of a button.
  4. Cite this For me!- Automatically cite sources in APA, Chicago, and MLA style format. Will also add the citation to a google doc bibliography.
  5. Share to Classroom - allows you to push websites and quizzes directly to your students.
  6. Docs Add-on and Chrome Extension- Kaizena- Leave voice comments on any doc for your students. You can even embed video to explain concepts!
  7. Goobric - Create a rubric that will allow you to grade writing samples and projects and then pastes the rubric on the bottom of the document.  There is even a student version that will allow students to view the rubric with easy access while working on the paper/project.
  8. Sheets- Flippity -Create Badges, Jeopardy type game, flashcards, mix and match game, and much more through a google sheet.
  9. Docs and Sheets- g(Math)- create equations, graphs, stats displays on a google doc or sheet.
  10. Docs- Debate Template - Header commands, speech control commands, built in timer, and much more
  11. Docs - MLA Formatting - inserts MA headings and will change your text into MLA format with a click of a button.
Christmas BONUS ( No it isn’t the jam of the month club): Bitmoji extension - because:

10 Educators to add to your PLN

9 Student Project Creation Tools and Presentation Tools

  •  Nearpod: Easily create lessons in minutes for your next class. Import files (pdf, ppt, jpg) or Google slides and add interactive activities, websites, and videos to keep your students engaged in their learning.

8 Design Thinking Ideas

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is a powerful way for today’s students to learn, and it’s being implemented by educators all around the world. 

7 Educational Books To Read

6 Formative Assessment Ideas

5 Parent Communication Tools

  1. Skyward
  2. Class Dojo
  3. Remind
  4. Google ClassroomCalendarSites
  5. SeeSaw

    4 Ways to record your computer screen ( screen cast)

    These are great tools for you to use as a teacher OR for your students to use as well!
     Awesome Screenshot: Extension:
           Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - Fireshot  -

    3 Hidden Google Gems 

    1. Google Expeditions:
    2. Google Arts & Culture Virtual Tours : 
    3. Google Santa Tracker:
    2 Ways to Keep Your Data Secure

    1. Passwords on a sticky note is NOT secure!  2. See what passwords are saved on Google chrome.

    & 1 Hour of Code Activity

    If you didn't know, this week is the Hour of Code week to celebrate Computer Science.  There are many activities already out there for teachers and students to do.  They range from logic programming to even activities that pertain to different subjects.  Remember computer …..Read More
    Tech Insider Newsletter

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    BH Technology Blog
    Science & STEM Classes Meet A NASA Engineer
    06/02/2016 12:06 PM
    Story Provided by +Kathy Hayman, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Middle School North

    My Science and STEM classes recently had the opportunity to meet with a rocket propulsion engineer using Adobe Connect. Michele Beisler is a mechanical engineer at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

    Students learned about rockets and physics applications through experiments, labs, and building and launching their own rockets. They watched videos and previewed information about Stennis, and learned about the rockets and rocket launches that take place at this location. 
    During the discussion, students visited with Ms. Beisler about NASA, rockets, and her career as an engineer. They were excited to talk to her. The ability to see her made it a more personal experience. Using the Adobe Connect program to meet with Ms. Beisler was a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and interact with her in real-time. This experience has made me more excited about using technology in my classroom. It has allowed me to connect my students with people and events around the globe, and to show them that science is happening all around us.