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Department of Transportation
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Your child’s driver is a certified Texas school bus driver. To obtain this certification he/she has to possess a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) with P (passenger) and S (school bus) endorsements. Recertification is required every three years. He/she must pass a drug test, DOT physical, criminal history check, at least 20 hours of training. In addition, the driver is subject to random drug test each month. 

Many of our drivers have been driving a bus for the district for more than 10 years. 

We want you to know that our drivers believe that their foremost responsibility is your child’s safety. This requires the driver’s attention be on the road at all times. When the driver’s attention is distracted by misbehavior among the passengers, everyone is at risk. We ask your cooperation and support in maintaining good bus behavior. This is essential in sustaining the safest environment for your child and the 55-65 other bus riders on the bus. 

Many people are surprised to learn that the State of Texas does not require school districts to furnish transportation. (Federal law covers transportation services for special needs students.) Riding a bus is a privilege. A child is not required to ride a bus to and from school.

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Becky Nelson
Transportation Manager
281-576-2221 ext. 1279 

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Theresa Tristan
Transportation Assistant
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Lilly Ellis
Transportation Clerk
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Bus Safety

Teaching your children these few simple school bus safety rules will help them to understand the importance of good behavior on and around the school bus.

School Bus Safety Rules

Remember the Danger Zone Areas, (10' in the Front, in the Rear, & the Passenger Side outside of the bus.

  • Be On Time (5 minutes early)
  • Walk to the Bus, Do Not Run
  • Stand Back From the Roadway
  • Stop, Look & Listen Before Crossing the Road
  • Stay In Your Seat
  • Speak Quietly
  • Always Obey the Driver
  • Respect Other Students
  • No Food or Drinks
  • Use the Handrail to Exit
  • Do Not Push or Shove
  • Stay Within the Drivers View
  • Always Cross 10 Feet In Front of the Bus

Please refer to your Student Handbook for more information on School Bus Safety!

What you need to know

Video Cameras 

All buses have video/audio capabilities installed to aid our drivers with student safety while driving. The Transportation Department monitors student behavior on a regular basis.

Students should be aware that their actions and communications could be recorded at any time and upon review, a discipline notice may be issued. 

Parents should be aware that the recorded information will not be made public and will be viewed only by authorized district personnel. 

Parent/Driver Conflicts 

Parents are not to enter the bus to discuss problems with a driver during a route or while children are on the bus. Drivers have been instructed to stay on a schedule and will close the door and drive off after all students are loaded at a stop. If a confrontation takes place and the driver cannot leave, the police will be contacted. 

Please direct your complaints and/or concerns to the Transportation Manager at 281-576-2221 ext. 1279. Complaints and concerns are taken seriously and will be investigated promptly. 

Tardy Students

Since drivers have a strict, tight schedule to maintain, they cannot wait for tardy students. Students need to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives. 

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to take the student to school if he/she missed the bus. Students tardy to school will be excused if their delay is the result of bus service problems or circumstances beyond the control of the student. A student will not be excused when arriving late if they created a discipline issue or where late for the bus. 

Bus Stops 

It is the parent’s responsibility to see that the student gets to and from the bus stop. Be expected to walk some distance to the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives. In order to be fair and consistent in placement of bus stops, we are not able to establish stops based on personal circumstances. 

  • Buses are routed in the most efficient manner consistent with State Law and School board Policy regarding establishment of safe school bus stops.
  • Attempts are made to keep the bus stops along a route to a minimum.
  • Visibility plays an important factor in the establishment of a bus stop.
  • Bus stops are usually centrally located for all students along the route.
  • Bus stops are not changed to accommodate personal preference.
  • The driver must have the required distance of at least 500 feet between stops in order to activate the warning loading lights for motorists.
  • Bus stops may change at any time due to the number of students on the route. 

Lost Property 

Every effort is made to get all left articles back to the rightful owner. You can help us identify lost articles by putting names on clothing, backpacks, lunch kits, etc. If you feel your child may have left something on the bus, call the transportation office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach the transportation department?

Please call Becky Nelson, Transportation Manager, at 281-576-2221 ext. 1279. If you have an emergency, please call 281-734-0559. 

How do I find out which bus my child will ride?

Please see the BUS ROUTE BY STREET list for the bus number your child will ride. We prefer not to post bus stop times for safety reasons. If you need to know the time the bus will be arriving at your stop, please call the Transportation office @ 281-576-2221 ext. 1279. Please note that all times are approximate. 

Why is my child’s bus late? 

Weather, traffic, driver absenteeism, maintenance difficulties, and unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in the arrival of school buses in the morning and afternoon. 

In the event your bus does not arrive as scheduled, please allow 20 minutes before calling the transportation office.

Why can’t you call when the bus is late?

It is simply a numbers problem. There are as many as 55-65 students on each bus. That is 55-65 phone calls in a short time frame to parents who are probably at the bus stop with the children. Please know that there is a bus on the way and that we are doing everything humanly possible to transport your child to school in a timely manner.

Why did you suspend my child from the bus?

Behavioral expectations on the school bus are much like those in the classroom. The mobility of that “classroom” and traffic, added noise and the size of the “classroom” are a potential catastrophe if there are no clear expectations and enforcements. The behavioral expectations on the bus revolve around the individual rights of every person on the bus. 

When there is an infraction, a referral is turned in to a school administrator for review, who determines the consequences based on each incident. For more information please refer to the safety guidelines in your child’s handbook or call the Transportation Manager.

Why does my child have a seat assignment? 

Seat assignments are a positive way for the ride to be consistent and safe. It takes less time to load at bus stops if students know they have an assigned seat. This aids in the driver learning the student’s names as well as pin pointing vandalism to the seats. As required by law, in the event of an accident or emergency, the driver is able to give authorities a list of students on the bus at the time and where they are seated. 

Seat assignments are also important to keep the students in a seat with children their own age. 

How will I be notified if a change is made to my child’s stop?

The Transportation Department will send a note home with the child to give you notice of a change in bus number, driver and bus stop. The school is also notified so that the transition is a smooth one for the students.

Can the driver stop at my house to pick up or drop off my child?

Only certain students, whose needs are addressed through IEP or 504 Plan, are eligible for curbside service. This service is typically restricted to rural area.

Students in subdivisions are expected to walk some distance to a bus stop. 

I don’t like where my child’s bus stop is located. How are locations for bus stop determined? 

Your child may have to walk some distance to and from a bus stop. Bus stops are located in areas that are a safe pickup and assure that no child has to walk an unreasonable distance. We periodically check the sex offender website and will move bus stops if we feel children are in danger.

Why does my child need to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives? 

The bus driver has a tight schedule to maintain with the students needing to be on time for breakfast at school. The bus driver cannot wait for tardy bus riders at the bus stop. If your child is running out of the house or down to the bus stop, the bus driver may not see him/her. Your child could also fall down because he/she is rushing to the bus causing further delays. Students need to be waiting at the bus stop and not inside the house. The bus driver cannot take his/her eyes off the road, looking at your front door or in your garage to see if your child is coming to the bus stop.

 Will I need to be at the bus stop when my child arrives home?

Children in grades EC-2nd will not be dropped off unsupervised. Written permission may be given to let your child off with older siblings or older child. If you are home, the driver needs to physically see someone. An opened front door or garage door is not acceptable. If you are not at the bus stop or the driver does not see you, an attempt will be made to contact you for further instructions. In most cases, the child will return to the Transportation Center and you must make arrangements to have them picked up. We will not release your child at the bus stop to someone that not is on the child’s emergency card. It is very important to keep emergency contact information updated.

Why did the driver not stop at my stop when my student was running late or did not wait for my student to get to the bus stop?

We make a concerted effort to be consistent on the time we start the route. After the first stop, many things can effect the arrival time at subsequent stops, so even the most conscientious driver will vary by no more than a few minutes. Students are told to be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to normal arrival of the bus to allow for those variances, and to be waiting where they are visible to the bus driver as the bus approaches the stop. Drivers are required by law to activate their yellow lights a minimum of 100 feet when possible prior to stopping and turning on their red lights. If drivers do not see any students present after stopping, they are not permitted to wait. Usually, drivers will not leave students if they are close to the stop and making an effort to get there as fast as they can. The loading and unloading process is the most dangerous part of the bus ride and students are the safest when they are at the stop before the bus arrives and not running for it after it shows up or is driving away from the stop

I am standing near the bus or at my door and I can hear the bus driver yelling at the children. 

The bus driver and the children are sitting in a “metal building” with a motor running and loud talking on the inside of the bus. Sounds echo off of the metal giving the impression that the bus driver is yelling. The children are often talking loud and it is hard for them to hear what the bus driver is saying from the back of the bus. If you suspect that the bus driver is yelling at your child for any reason, please feel free to call the Transportation Manager at the number above. Your complaints are taken seriously and I assure you it will be investigated thoroughly, including watching the video/audio recording that is sometimes placed on the bus.

My child reported an incident to the bus driver and she did not do anything about it. 

Many times the bus driver cannot handle a situation immediately because she must keep her attention on the road. If the situation is serious the bus driver will pull over and take care of the problem or move students away from a situation. Since the principals handle the discipline, the students cannot be turned in until the next morning.

What happens if my child gets on the wrong bus? 

Children are loaded in a safe and orderly manner at their campus. If for some reason your child gets on the wrong bus, the bus driver will contact the Transportation Manager’s office for further instructions. Often times, the bus driver will be able to drop the child off at his home after finishing the route or the child is taken back to the Transportation Center.

Why can’t the bus stop at my driveway? 

The higher frequency of stops can make the motoring public impatient. This results in people driving around the bus which can cause greater safety concerns than the distance a student walks to a bus stop. It also delays the bus by increasing the number of stops, making the overall student riding time longer. 

I cannot see the bus stop from my house. 

The school district provides service for approximately 2300 students to and from school each day. We are not able to position bus stops that all parents are able to see the stop from their home. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that their child arrives safely to and from the bus stop. 

We live in a cul-de-sac. Will the bus come down our street?

Except to transport special needs children, buses generally are not routed down cul-de-sacs because of the danger to small children and property caused by the bus turning around and/or backing in a small area. However, if the cul-de-sac is large enough for the bus to turnaround without having to repeatedly pull forward and back up, the bus will come to end of the cul-de-sac. If the cul-de-sac is blocked, the bus driver will not be permitted to drive on that street. 

Is my child allowed to ride another bus other than his/her own? 

In most circumstances, we allow students to ride other buses with a note signed by the parent and the principal.  However, we must make certain that a seat is available for your child to sit. Please call the Transportation office to check availability. Since we are responsible for your child’s safety, we may call you for an explanation or permission when the situation is questionable.

I tried to speak to the bus driver at the bus stop about a problem my child is having on the bus but she said she could not talk to me right now.

The bus driver has been instructed to avoid confrontation at the bus stop with parents. If your child is having a problem, please send a note with your child or call the Transportation office at 281-576-2221 ext. 1279 to discuss the matter. Discussing matters at the bus stop puts everyone in a defensive position without all the information and it can easily turn into a confrontation, which is inappropriate for the students to witness. Drivers are trained to try and avoid those confrontations to the point of closing the door and driving away. Federal law prohibits blocking the doorway or interfering with the bus operation.

What do I need to do when my child needs to ride a different bus?

You must send a note with your child. If you make the request over the phone, you may be required to fax a note with a copy of your driver’s license so the information can be verified.

How do we find out about an inclement weather delay, early dismissal, or cancellation of school?

The Superintendent is responsible for the final decision to close school due to various locations in the district regarding road conditions. After the decision is made, the public is notified through news media. Additional information can be found on the district website under school closings.

My questions are still not answered. What can I do find the answers I need?

Please feel free to call the Transportation Manager at the following numbers:

  • Local - 281-576-2221 ext. 1279
  • Metro- 281-385-6038 ext. 1279
  • Cell – 281-734-0559
  • Fax -  281-576-3355
Bus Fleet Facts
  • We travel approximately 350,000 miles each year. 
  • Our vehicles use approximately 47, 000 gallons of fuel each year. 
  • We transport approximately 3074 students each day. 
  • We employ 45 employees including: 
    • 35 -school bus drivers
    • 3 - mechanics
    • 3 - bus aides/monitors
    • 1- bus porters
    • 3 - office staff  
Transportation Beliefs
  • Children are our most valuable resources that need their day started with the sense of safety, respect, dependability and love.
  • Children are all unique and deserve to be transported safely, respectfully with love and care as individuals with different physical, social or emotional needs.
  • We are the first and last opportunity each day to start and finish their school day with an attitude of encouragement and success to reach their full potential in the education process.
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