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Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy




Requirement: NCLB, Section 118 – Parental Involvement

District Goal: A positive school-community relationship will support student success 

There exists significant research describing the positive impact on student achievement resulting from meaningful parental involvement. Barbers Hill Independent School District encourages the active involvement of all parents in the education of their children. To specifically encourage parental involvement in the Title One program, the following activities will be offered: 

1. An annual meeting of Title One parents will be held to inform parents of their school’s participation in Title One, to explain the Title One Parental Involvement Policy, and to review parents’ rights to be involved in Title One activities. 

2. An opportunity will be provided to Title One parents to become involved in Title One planning, review, and improvement efforts. 

3. Parents of Title One children will be provided with:

  • timely information about Title One programs
  • school and individual assessment information and results, including an explanation of those results
  • information about curriculum and the levels students are expected to achieve
  • opportunities for regular meetings related to the education of their children
  • timely responses to parent inquiries and suggestions. 

4. Parents and school staff, where appropriate, will jointly develop and commit to a home-school compact. This compact will detail how parents, staff, and students will share responsibility for improved student achievement. 

5. Parents will be provided with opportunities to improve their skills so they may effectively work with their children to improve achievement. 

6. Opportunities for Title One parental involvement will be coordinated and integrated with those opportunities offered through other programs to the extent feasible and appropriate. 

The Title I program is funded to assist children who are having difficulty in reading and math. Identified students are pulled for small group instruction to address areas of difficulty.