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PurposeFull People

PurposeFull People

We are grateful for your involvement in our school and community! Children today are faced with many opportunities and challenges as they enter a fast-changing world and we want to do everything we can to encourage and empower their success. It is fun to think about all the ways they will make the world better in the future and all the things they get to navigate now. Every day, they are meeting new people, learning new words, solving problems, making friends, and being a part of a community.

Research would tell us that it is not grades or IQ scores that make us most successful, but instead the ability to "fail forward" - to develop resilience and persevere even when things get tough. The data would tell us that happiness in life comes more from our ability to understand and manage our emotions than from our test scores or income. All the stories and stats suggest that the pathway to a joyful life comes from what we give and not what we take.

So, how do we help young people become more resilient, generous, and emotionally intelligent?

We are excited to share that we will be using a program called PurposeFull People this year. It is all about helping schools weave simple, powerful, relatable content into everything happening at school and beyond! It includes a huge library of practical resources and activities to help effectively teach a wide variety of traits that we know help make students more successful in their academics and in their lives outside of school.

Over the course of the year, you'll be invited to join in the fun! We will provide letters home related to each trait. Each letter has some great conversation starters, books to read, activities to pursue, and some challenges ("PurposeFull Pursuits!") that we encourage you to look at and try out with your family.

At school, our teachers will be role modeling this work by doing their own challenges! There will be games on the playground that help reinforce the messages. In the classroom, our educators will be integrating everything from 30-second strategies longer activities designed to teach skills like Courage, Kindness, Empathy, and Responsibility. To teach young people to connect with one another more thoughtfully and skillfully. To work together to solve the small and big problems of the world.

To do life, on Purpose.

We know that it takes a village and we are grateful to be a part of this community.