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Barbers Hill Independent School District
Tradition of Excellence


The following Barbers Hill graduates and family members are actively serving to protect our right to freedom. If you know a Barbers Hill graduate on active duty, or you are a Barbers Hill staff member that has family serving our country, please email the District Webmaster, and we will honor them here.

Note: The information is posted as we get it. Please let us know of corrections or additional information on those listed here. Also, please let us know when your serviceman or woman is no longer on active duty.

High School Diplomas for Veterans

Barbers Hill ISD is seeking veterans who attended Barbers Hill and did not finish their high school education because of World War II or the Vietnam or Korean Wars. A recent Texas law allows us to grant a high school diploma to those who sacrificed their own needs to defend our country in armed conflict. Veterans who are former Barbers Hill students can call 281-576-2221, or email the Superintendent's Office for more information. 

Application Form

Military Servicepersons