The following Barbers Hill graduates and family members are actively serving to protect our right to freedom. If you know a Barbers Hill graduate on active duty, or you are a Barbers Hill staff member that has family serving our country, please let us know (send info to webmaster), and we will honor them here.

Note: The information is posted as we get it. Please let us know of corrections or additional information on those listed here. Also, please let us know when your serviceman or woman is no longer on active duty.

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In Grateful Memory of PFC Wesley R. Riggs, U.S. Army

High School Diplomas for Veterans

Barbers Hill ISD is seeking veterans who attended Barbers Hill and did not finish their high school education because of World War II or the Vietnam or Korean Wars. A recent Texas law allows us to grant a high school diploma to those who sacrificed their own needs to defend our country in armed conflict. Veterans who are former Barbers Hill students can call 281-576-2221, or email the Superintendent's Office for more information.

Link to Application Form

Military Servicepersons

U.S. Air Force

Christy Axelson, A1C
Tyler Reid Barrett
Cameron Bordeau
Jeremy Broussard, Major
Matthew Cooling
Stephen Copes
Kyle D. Cox, SSgt
Andrew Eppler
Kerry Fisher
Ryan Gibson
Justin Gordon, Captain
Brett Green, Airman
Joshua Griggs, A1C
Dustin Hayden, SSgt
John Jenning, A1C
Roderick Jones, SSgt
H. Brian Lopez, 1Sgt
Paul (Augie) Marshall, Ssgt
Justin Martin, SSgt
Brandon McCain
Courtney Robinson, SSgt
Scott Snyder, Lt Col
Bryan K. Tallent, Lt Col
Joseph Trigg, MSgt
Johnathan Joseph Votta, A1C
Brent Ward, SGT
Trevor White, A1C

U.S. Air National Guard

Willie Davis

U.S. Army

Elijah Andrews
Ryan Michael Ashley, Sgt
Joseph Brittan Baird, Sgt
Michael Baker, PFC
Frank Basham, Jr., Sgt
Jacob Curtis Bullion, Sgt
John Michael Busch, 1st Lt
Dylan G. Carter
Cameron Cole
Jonathan Craig, Pvt
Willie Davis
Dwaine Dillard, PFC
Tyler Fry, 1st Lt
Jason Beaman Goodwin, CW2
Kiehl D. Green, Pvt
Brandon Hicks
Scott C. Hill, CW4
Peyton Hicks
Eryn Hughes, Pvt
Mark Hutfless
Brad Jones, Sgt
Robert W. Lewis, MSgt, 1965-2011
John D. Martin, SSgt
Michael Matthews, Pvt2
Blake Meyer, Sgt
Stephen Moreno, Sgt
Kyle Morris
Scott Murphy, Pvt2
Juan Orea
Stuart Ratliff, PFC
Tyler Ratliff, Spc
Wesley R. Riggs, PFC
Brent Ward, SGT
Justen Wood, Sgt
Matthew Young, Pvt

U.S. Army National Guard

Kyle Haynes, A1C
Kyle King, E4
Brent Ward, SGT

U.S. Coast Guard

Joey Cordell
Brandon Crase
Ryan Dauzat
Amber R. Motz, E3
Marcus Newton

U.S. Navy

Katie Bortner, E2
Willie Davis
April R. Duff, E2
Matthew M. Evans, ET
Roland Forester
Nick Hodges, E4
J. Willie Kirk
Brett Andrew Losier
John P. Mathys, HM2
Rex McClendon, E4
Johnny Pagan
Amanda Perkins
Jake Ponder, E3
Dwayne Reagan, PO3
Patrick F. Scott, Jr.
Jeffrey Storm, PO3
Austin Robert Tesar, E3
Blake Tesar, E5
Michael Webb, Lt
Christina Williams, E2

U.S. Marines

Jeffrey Baker, Pvt
Bobby Bazan, Cpl
Everett Glen Bishop, Jr., Cpl
James Boswell
Jacob Curtis Bullion, Sgt
Brett Clark, Cpl
Travis Darwin, Pvt
Cameron Furlong
Chris Haynie, Major
Jeannette Haynie, Major
Scott C. Hill, CW3
John Hunter III, LCpl
Corey L. Jacobson, LCpl
Christopher Johnston, Sgt
Stuart Mankin, Sgt
Benjamin Marshall, Cpl
Charles McCawley, CWO3
Chas Michael Moreau
Royce Rhodes
Michael Riley