Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services covers most aspects of Student Services within Barbers Hill ISD as well as additional responsibilities. Information regarding Health Services, Counselors, and Mentors can be found here.

Health Services is led by Colleen Goundrey, R.N. (ext. 1444). The district staff Wellness Program and School Health Advisory Council are developed through Health Services. All state mandated health requirements are overseen through this department as well as coordination of district programs that involve county and community resources.

The mandated federal Homeless and Foster Care programs are managed through our social worker, Lesley Gershmel (ext. 1450).

The Mentor Task Force and Mentor Program is led by Jami Navarre (ext. 1220). The District Flyer Policy is approved through Carla Rabalais (ext. 1377). The coordination of all outside Volunteers is approved by Lori May (ext. 1477). Residency policy has been established and is approved through Linda Gerhart (ext. 1355).