Required Postings

List of LGOs

Board of Trustees

George Barrera, President
Fred Skinner, Vice President
Cynthia Erwin, Secretary
Benny May, Member
Eric Davis, Member
Clint Pipes, Member
Becky Tice, Member

BHISD Personnel

Dr. Greg Poole, Superintendent
Sandra Duree, Deputy Superintendent
Rebecca McManus, Asst. Superintendent of Finance
Barbara Ponder, Asst. Superintendent of Personnel
Stan Frazier, Asst. Superintendent of Planning & Operations
Sue Garcia, Asst. Superintendent of Special Services
Chelsea McDaniel, Business Manager
Natasha Holden, Asst. Director of Curriculum and  Advanced Academics
Tom Westerberg, Athletic Director
Kenny Widner, Police Chief
Becky Johnson, Director of Operations
Kristen Davis, Director of Technology
Susan LeBlanc, Director of School Nutrition
Jami Navarre, Director of Communications
Dr. Linda Gerhart, Coordinator of State & Federal Programs
Rick Kana, Principal- High School
Lance Murphy, Prinicipal- Middle School North
Chloe Yowell, Principal- Middle School South
Stephanie Martin, Principal- Elementary School North
Melissa Barrington, Principal- Elementary School South
Lisa Watkins, Principal- Early Childhood Center
Daniel Andrews, Principal- DAEP
Kevin Stone, Director of Band
Colleen Goundry, Coordinator of Health Services
Lori May, Coordinator of Student Safety Services