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Office Closings for 2019-2020

The Tax Office will be closed for the
following holidays:

  • Independence Day - July 3-4
  • Labor Day- September 2
  • Thanksgiving- November 25-29
  • Christmas- December 20, 23-25
  • New Year's- January 1
  • Spring Break- March 9-13
  • Good Friday- April 10
  • Memorial Day- May 25


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Tax Rates

Tax Year
To Pay for
& Operation
To Pay for Debt
Total Tax Rate
2003 $1.5000 $0.2899 $1.7899
2004 $1.5000 $0.2899 $1.7899
2005 $1.5000 $0.2899 $1.7899
2006 $1.3700 $0.2499 $1.6199
2007 $1.0400 $0.2899 $1.3299
2008 $1.0601 $0.2698 $1.3299
2009 $1.0601 $0.2698 $1.3299
2010 $1.0601 $0.2698 $1.3299
2011 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2012 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2013 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2014 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2015 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2016 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2017 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298
2018 $1.0600 $0.2698 $1.3298


Exemptions (See Property Tax FAQs for a description of each.)

  • General Homestead = Value is reduced by 20% plus $25,000
  • Over-65 Homestead = Value is reduced by 20% plus $185,000
  • Disability Homestead = Value is reduced by 20% plus $185,000
  • Veterans Disability = determined by percentage of disability

Property Tax FAQ

Q. How is my property value determined? 

A. The Chambers County Appraisal District identifies property to be taxed, determines its appraised value, whether to grant exemptions, the taxable owner and address, and which taxing jurisdictions may tax the property. For information on VALUES, EXEMPTIONS, OWNERSHIP or ADDRESS, please contact the Appraisal District during business hours at (409) 267-3795.

Q. What if I don't receive a tax statement? 

A. The tax statements are mailed on or near October 15 of the current year. If you do not receive a statement it is your responsibility to research the reason. Check with our office to see if your statement has the correct address. Failure to receive a tax statement does not affect the validity of the tax, penalty, interest, due date, the existence of a tax lien, or any procedure instituted to collect a tax.

Q. What if my mortgage company is supposed to pay my taxes? 

A. If your property taxes are paid by your mortgage company and you receive a tax statement, write your loan number on the statement and forward it to your mortgage company for payment.

Q. When are taxes due? 

A. Tax statements are mailed each October and are due upon receipt. Payment of taxes must be postmarked by January 31 in order to avoid any penalty or interest. The official United States Mail postmark is the legal date in considering if payment was on time. Any amount due February 1 will be subject to penalty and interest, and subject to possible lawsuit. By law, the Tax Assessor-Collector cannot dismiss taxes, waive penalty and interest on delinquent taxes, adjust values or ignore deadlines as set forth in the Texas Property Tax Code.

Q. What if I sold my property last year? 

A. At the closing of the property sale, taxes should have been prorated by the title company. Ask your title company about any taxes you will be responsible for.

Q. What exemptions do the School District offer taxpayers? How do I apply? 

A. Exemptions reduce the taxable value of your property. This lowers your tax amount.

Exemptions Offered by Barbers Hill ISD are:
  • Residence Homestead -- Available to all homeowners for their place of residence as long as they lived there on January 1st of the tax year.
  • Over-65 – If a taxpayer turns 65 during the tax year, this exemption may be taken in addition to the homestead exemption on their residence. Homeowners over the age of 65 may also arrange for a Tax Affidavit Deferral. With this deferral, you may choose to postpone the payment of taxes if you own and occupy your residence and taxes are delinquent. However, a tax lien remains on the property and interest of 8% a year continues to accrue.
  • Disabled Homestead -- Can be taken in addition to the homestead exemption, but is only available to those who qualify according to specific guidelines.
  • Disabled Veteran -- Can be taken in addition to the homestead exemption, according to a disability rating. This exemption can be taken on any property in Texas and it is not limited to the homestead property.
Q. Where do I find the properties that are being offered through a tax sale or tax resale? 

A. Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott LLP, BHISD's tax attorney, handle all tax sales and resales. All properties are posted on their website at Please contact Mike Darlow at 713-862-1860 with PBFCM for bidding information. The tax resale properties are also listed on the BHISD auction website.

The Chambers County Appraisal District is responsible for administering exemption applications.
Please contact them with any questions about qualifying for any of the above exemptions at (409) 267-3795.

Credit Card Payments and Options

Installment Payment of Certain Homestead Taxes

Taxpayers who were disabled or 65 years of age or older on January 1 and have filed an Application for Exemption may pay the taxes on the HOMESTEAD in four equal installments. The payments are due as follows:

  • 1st payment due by January 31
  • 2nd payment due by March 31
  • 3rd payment due by May 31
  • 4th payment due by July 31

If you are 65 years of age or older or disabled and your property is your residence homestead, you should contact the appraisal disctrict regarding any entitlement you may have to a postponement in the payment of these taxes.

Convenient Ways to Pay Your Property Taxes

Now you can pay by:

  • Credit Card by calling Official Payments Corporation
  • Credit Card on-line to Official Payments Corporation
All credit card payments must be made through Official Payments Corporation. A convenience fee will be added.
Pay your School Property Taxes by Credit Card

Call 1-800-2PAY-TAX or visit (use Jurisdiction Code 6157)

There will be a nominal fee charged for this service.

Penalties and Interest

Taxes are due by January 31. Payments received after January 31 are subject to the following penalty and interest rates:




February 6% 1%
March 7% 2%
April 8% 3%
May 9% 4%
June 10% 5%
July** 12% 6%
August 12% 7%
September 12% 8%
October 12% 9%
November 12% 10%
December 12% 11%
January 12% 12%
February 12% 13%


**In July and thereafter, when a delinquent account is turned over to a collection attorney, an additional attorney fee will be added to the penalty and interest. By law, the fee could be up to 20% of the base tax plus penalty and interest. The fee would also be added any time a suit is filed for delinquent property taxes.

You may contact the collection attorney, Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott at (713) 862-1860 with any questions about tax suits or sales.

Tax Links

Chambers County Appraisal District
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City of Mont Belvieu
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Chambers County Tax Office
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Capital Appraisal Group
for account searches

Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP
Tax Attorneys
(713) 862-1860

Account Search

Landowners Bill of Rights

Tax Sale and Resale Properties

Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott LLP, handle all tax sales and resales For Barbers Hill ISD. All properties are posted on their website at Please contact Mike Darlow at 713-862-1860 for bidding information. The tax resale properties are also listed on the BHISD auction website.

Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP
Tax Attorneys
(713) 862-1860

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