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English Language Arts

English Language Arts encompasses reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It builds in complexity and difficulty as a student moves from grade to grade so that the student will be ready for the demands of college- and career- level reading.

Curriculum Writers

Curriculum writers play a vital role in the instruction of our students. Our curriculum writers are responsible for working with their grade level colleagues to develop, implement, and evaluate the subject area scope and sequence. Additionally, curriculum writers periodically attend meetings at the end of the school day where they receive information and share ideas with other curriculum writers. They, in turn, then disseminate information from these meetings to their grade level colleagues. Curriculum writers also provide training for their campuses when needed.

Year-at-a-Glance Curriculum Documents

Protected Novel List Grades 2nd - 12th

The purpose of the Protected Novel List is:

  • To communicate readings between levels
  • To identify those works approved by the district Language Arts team

Each spring, the Protected Novel List is reviewed by the campus Language Arts department/grade level. At that time, the department/grade level discusses and determines novels that need to be moved to another level.

Protected Novel List Webpage

Reading Selection Approval Request

Teachers wanting to read a novel not currently on the Protected Novel List for their grade level/course, will be required to submit a Reading Selection Approval Request.

Reading Selection Approval Request Webpage