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During the elementary years, instruction in mathematics seeks to build a solid foundation in the students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics as well as their procedural skills. This strong base provides the underpinnings for students as they move into higher levels of mathematics, where they will be applying their knowledge of math to real-world situations.

Curriculum Writers

Curriculum writers play a vital role in the instruction of our students. Our curriculum writers are responsible for working with their grade level colleagues to develop, implement, and evaluate the subject area scope and sequence. Additionally, curriculum writers periodically attend meetings at the end of the school day where they receive information and share ideas with other curriculum writers. They, in turn, then disseminate information from these meetings to their grade level colleagues. Curriculum writers also provide training for their campuses when needed.

Year-at-a-Glance Curriculum Documents

Algebra II Graduation Requirement

Senate Bill 232 requires districts to inform parents that Algebra II is not a required course in the Foundation High School Plan. However, because of our high academic standards, students in Barbers Hill ISD are placed on the Distinguished High School Plan. In this plan, Algebra II is a required course. This is keeping with our goal to ensure that all students are college, career, and/or military ready.

We chose this path for our students because students who do not earn Algebra II credit are not eligible for the following:

  • Automatic admission to a state public college or university,
  • Certain financial aid opportunities, including the TEXAS grant or the Texas Educational Opportunity Grant,
  • Recognition as an honors or high honors graduate, and
  • Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA) designation.

For additional information about graduation requirements, contact your student’s school counselor or refer to the Texas Education Agency Graduation Toolkit at (PDF)

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