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Barbers Hill Independent School District
Tradition of Excellence

Booster Club/Support Group Information

Who Can Conduct a Fundraiser?

Only approved booster clubs who have their own 501(c)(3) exempt status may conduct fundraisers to support BHISD students using the Barbers Hill ISD name.  All fundraising requests from authorized booster clubs must be approved in advance by the campus principal and receive final approval from District Administration.

The only authorized booster clubs are:

  • Barbers Hill Project Graduation- Class of 2024 (Note: There is only one Project Graduation entity and officers are elected annually to support the current graduating class only.)
  • Barbers Hill Young Farmers
  • Barbers Hill Athletic Booster Club
  • Barbers Hill Eaglettes Booster Club
  • Barbers Hill Cheer Booster Club
  • Barbers Hill Band Booster Club

Any other groups using the Barbers Hill ISD name to solicit funds are not booster clubs authorized by BHISD. Authorized booster clubs must comply with UIL Guidelines, Federal and State Tax Laws and District Policies which include, but not limited to, elected officers, annual financial reporting and other annual reports. Please see Booster Club Guidelines for more details. 

Our district is a state leader partly because of tremendous community support. However, well-meaning though it may be, unregulated fundraising can do more harm than good.