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Payroll Information

Direct Deposit Changes

Direct deposit information may be updated using the job aid below.  This is not an option for inactive direct deposits or new direct deposits, changes can only be made to existing direct deposits.

All direct deposit changes must be made at least 10 business days before a regular scheduled payday.  If the change constitutes the closing of a currently designated account, an alternate account must be specified. 

Direct Deposit Job Aid

23/24 TrueTime Payroll Calendar
23/24 Frontline Payroll Calendar
Hourly Time Sheet
Absence from Duty Report

W-4 Withholding Allowance

Each employee must complete a W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. This form tells an employer the marital status, number of dependents, other income and deductions, and any additional amount to use when deducting federal income tax from the employee’s pay. If an employee fails to complete a W-4, the employer must withhold federal income taxes from his or her wages at the highest rate; as if he or she were single.  

  • Where can I find a W-4 form? Download the W-4 Form.     
  • How can I change the amount of taxes withheld from my check? Fill out a new W-4 and submit to the payroll office by the 7th (effective for the 15th Payroll) and the 22nd (effective for the 31st Payroll).
  • Who should I contact with questions regarding my paycheck? Please contact our Payroll Coordinator, Dana Dowden. Her contact information is listed below. 
  • Can someone help me fill out my W-4? We cannot advise you on tax matters or instruct you on filling out the form.  The W-4 quick guide and IRS links below can help with this process. Please consult a tax professional with any additional questions.   

Payroll Coordinator
Dana Dowden
281-576-2221 ext. 1207