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Student Observation/Student Teacher

Barbers Hill ISD Observation Requirements for Teacher Preparation Programs and University Students/Student Teachers

Barbers Hill ISD will allow individuals who need to fulfill university or Teacher Preparation Programs requirements to observe teachers as they interact with students in the classroom.

To apply for field experience observation hours:

  • Complete a Criminal History Authorization form.
  • Attach your Program Verification form. This verification should be a recent Letter of Acceptance or Verification Letter of your participation in a university, college or ACP program and approved certification area. This letter must be on your program letterhead and must have a signature from an authorized program representative.
  • Submit all forms by fax to 281-576-3424 or email to
  • Once all forms are submitted and processed, you will receive an email when you are approved to observe.
  • Once approved, the student observer is responsible for scheduling observation time through each campus secretary. Please do not contact the campuses prior to approval.

If approved, the student must bring their driver’s license the day of the scheduled observation to have a visitor badge issued. ALL visitors in BHISD must wear a badge when visiting on any of our campuses. The student must check in at the front office upon arrival to and departure from the campus.

Criminal History Authorization (PDF)

Dress Code

The dress and grooming of a Student Observer/Student Teacher shall be clean and neat. Leggings can only be worn with a top that is fingertip length or longer. Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length.

The following items are not permitted:

Spaghetti straps, see through clothing, shorts, low-cut tops, croc shoes, shower shoes, and body piercings (other than ears…females only). Body tattoos must be covered and not visible to students or other staff during the school day.

Friendly reminders:

  • Individuals approved to observe can watch the classroom teacher as she/he works with individual students or groups of students; they cannot teach nor can they interact with students.
  • The observation period is not the time to look for a job; do not contact principals to schedule interviews, etc.
  • Avoid disturbing the learning process and/or campus procedures

Please remember you are a guest on our campus. Your behavior and dress should always be professional.

District Contact:

Emily Haynie
Human Resources Clerk

Student Teachers/Internship at BHISD

Anyone interested in completing their Student Teaching / Internship at BHISD should have the University Field Officer contact Barbara Ponder, Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources at 281-576-2221 ext. 1255 or University students should not contact the campuses directly for approval.