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Jimmy Hook

The Barbers Hill Grounds Department is committed to providing the highest quality of services to ensure all of its grounds are safe and well maintained.  The grounds department strives to create a positive educational environment for all students and staff. The Grounds Department includes Sports Field Crew, Grounds Crew for each campuses, Landscape Crew, and Integrated Pest Management Staff.

The Barbers Hill ISD grounds department currently has 11 full time employees.

The Sports Crew is responsible for working with the coaching staff to ensure all district fields and facilities are ready for game days, as well as, practices.

The Campus Grounds Crew are responsible for maintaining all campus grounds to district standards.

The Landscape Crew maintains flowerbeds, trim trees and plant flowers at all district campuses.

The Integrated Pest Management Staff manages the pest control program for the district per Texas Department of Agriculture Standards. The staff is committed to creating a safe, clean, pest free environment for all staff and students.


Clearing Brush
Grounds Department loading truck
Jimmy Hook and Wade Clark at Bonfire
Grounds Crew
Brush Clearing
Grounds Department loading truck
Wade Clark at Bonfire
Grounds Crew