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In order for our campuses to provide the highest level and quality of instruction, the facilities must be comfortable and all utilities must be functioning correctly.  The goal of the maintenance department is to assure that we provide the best learning environment possible.  While performing this function, it is important that all maintenance employees present themselves in a professional manner.  Safety, professionalism and customer service are the drivers for our department.

The maintenance department is responsible for all air conditioning, plumbing, air quality, lighting, electrical, and general repair work throughout the district.  These 12 employees are responsible for almost 1500 major pieces of HVAC and refrigeration equipment and enough restrooms, kitchens, classrooms, and offices to serve our 7500 customers.  Much of this equipment is located in 280+ mechanical rooms in 17 buildings encompassing over 2.3 million square feet.  This would be roughly equivalent to 1100 homes.

The classical definition of maintenance is to preserve a facility.  We strive to go beyond that by constantly evaluating, upgrading, updating, and improving our facilities with in house projects.  We collaborate with the district energy management department to make all facilities more economical and energy efficient in all areas.  The maintenance department is closely aligned with operations and planning and participates in all new construction reviews and inspections to help us be more effective in maintaining these new buildings.

Teamwork and continuous improvement are integral to our department’s philosophy.  This requires open communication with school administrators, staff, and with on-site contractors and other stakeholders to assure needs are met and our facilities are exceptional for all uses.


Maintenance worker on ladder
Maintenance Worker fixing door