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Becky Johnson

The Barbers Hill Operations Department strives to provide excellence by every measure and is committed to creating a safe, clean and healthy environment for all staff and students.  The mission of the Operations Department is to effectively and efficiently provide quality services and support to all BH educational facilities. The Operations Department includes custodial services, lock and key services, mail services, warehouse distribution services and floor refinishing services for the district.

Barbers Hill ISD currently employees 63 full time custodial employees and each campus has its own custodial staff.  Each custodian is committed to cleaning and maintaining an average of 26,000 square feet per day and provides all floor refinishing and carpet cleaning services at each campus.

Lock and key services maintain 1650 doors within the district.  The locksmith cut 1952 keys and pinned and/or repaired 1321 locks during the past year.

The mail service is responsible for processing all in-district and outgoing postal correspondence for the district.

Warehouse operations provide for the receipt, inventory and delivery of materials for the district.  During the 2018-2019 school year, the warehouse received 43,614 packages of freight. Additionally, the warehouse processed and delivered over 24,000 items to district facilities.

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