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Bus Safety

Teaching your children these few simple school bus safety rules will help them to understand the importance of good behavior on and around the school bus.

School Bus Safety Rules

Remember the Danger Zone Areas, (10' in the Front, in the Rear, & the Passenger Side outside of the bus.

  • Be On Time (5 minutes early)
  • Walk to the Bus, Do Not Run
  • Stand Back From the Roadway
  • Stop, Look & Listen Before Crossing the Road
  • Stay In Your Seat
  • Speak Quietly
  • Always Obey the Driver
  • Respect Other Students
  • No Food or Drinks
  • Use the Handrail to Exit
  • Do Not Push or Shove
  • Stay Within the Drivers View
  • Always Cross 10 Feet In Front of the Bus

Please refer to your Student Handbook for more information on School Bus Safety!