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Suburban Car Request Guidelines


To allow employees the use of a BHISD vehicle for work related travel.


1. Use of district vehicles is granted only on completion of the TXDPS
driving record check. Requestors must submit information on the proper form to the Transportation Manager. All information received will be kept strictly confidential. A driving record check will be done twice a year. Traffic violations in your personal car or the school vehicle must be reported to the Transportation Manager within 3 business days of the violation. You will be notified if you are disqualified from driving a school vehicle due to point assessments on your record.

2. Request must come from the Principal/Supervisor’s office through
email. Phone & email inquiries from the requestor about availability are acceptable but scheduling will not be done until notice comes from the
Principal/Supervisor’s office.

3. Confirmation/Denial will be sent to the requestor through email. You will be asked to submit confirmation if there are questions about the scheduling.

4. Vehicle use may be denied for the following reasons:

  • Availability
  • Driver not approved
  • Not following guidelines

5. All vehicle accidents and/or emergencies must be reported to the
Transportation Manager as soon as possible so that necessary steps can be taken to address those concerns.

6. All traffic violations incurred while using the district vehicle are the
financial responsibility of the driver.

7. If students are transported in vehicles they must wear seat belts at all

8. Personal vehicle parking is to be in a designated parking area and must
NOT be near where the school buses back out of the stalls.

9. Keys, gas cards and receipts are to be turned in promptly after the use
of the vehicle. If returning after 5:00 PM, items are to be placed in the night drop box located by the back door in the location near vehicle parking. DO NOT LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE VEHICLE.

10. You must receive a printed receipt when purchasing fuel. If a receipt is not printed at the pump at the time of fueling, you are required to go inside the store for a printed ticket. Habitual tardiness in turning in receipts or failure to turn in receipts is not acceptable and may result in future considerations for the use of the vehicles.

11. If using the vehicle after normal business hours, you will be required to
pick up spare keys and gas cards in advance. Failure to do so may result in you making other arrangements with your Principal/Supervisor’s approval or cancellation of the trip.

12. The actual vehicle assigned may change at any time based on need. The
Transportation Supervisor reserves the right to make a more workable

13. If your Principal/Supervisor permits rental vehicles, all drivers of rental
vehicles must be approved by the Transportation Supervisor or Executive Director of Operations for liability purposes.

14. It is imperative that you notify the Transportation Manager when
the use of the vehicle is not needed or the trip is canceled. A waiting list is maintained on the books and the vehicle may be rescheduled in accordance with a priority list.

15. Remove all debris: parking lot passes, candy/gum/drink containers from the vehicle. Trash can is located by night drop box for your use.

16. Please be reminded you are representing the District when driving one
of its vehicles. Follow these basic rules:

  • Observe all traffic laws at all times
  • Observe all speed limits carefully
  • Radar detectors are not permitted

17. Failure to abide by the above guidelines may disqualify driver from
vehicle use.

Acknowledgment Form (PDF)  |   Suburban/Car Request Form (PDF)