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Health Services

Barbers Hill ISD is privileged to have 13 outstanding nurses who serve our student body of 7,000 students. In addition to providing daily oversight for students with medical needs, these ladies also teach health and safety, facilitate medical and dental screenings, coordinate wellness initiatives in collaboration with the School Health Advisory Council, and provide parents with vital health information. Our nursing staff is under the direction of Colleen Goundrey, R.N.

Nurse Campus Email Extension
Colleen Goundrey Coordinator Ext. 1444
Sandy Rogers High School Ext. 1337
Alicia Gilbert High School Ext. 1306
Heather Smith Middle School North Ext. 1408
Hanna Brogden Middle School South Ext. 1294
Racheal Paden Intermediate School North  
Jennifer Phillips Intermediate School North  
Iliana McGrew Intermediate School South  
Candice Meyers Elementary School North Ext. 2910
Christy Hoffman Elementary School North Ext. 2805
Audra Abseck Elementary School South Ext. 1508
Rachel Patterson Elementary School South Ext. 1519
Jaime Corona Early Childhood Center Ext. 3142
Danielle Howell Early Childhood Center Ext. 3125