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The purpose of the Mentor Program is to assist in building significant relationships between students and positive adult role models.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Barbers Hill ISD Mentor program is to provide struggling students with a positive adult role-model.

Mentors will meet with assigned students on a regular basis to:

  • Work on academic areas of difficulty
  • Discuss current issues related to school work
  • Establish effective learning strategies and study habits
  • Provide a healthy relationship with a positive adult role model

Mentors will work with BHISD students identified as at-risk based on state criteria or of concern due to lack of academic success or a specific situation. The mentor/mentee matching will be student-specific and the mentor will know the primary goals set for the student.

Requirements for the Mentor Program

Please download and complete the following forms and submit to the campus coordinator for your campus (*indicated a required form)

Background Check Form* (PDF)
Mentor Application* (PDF)
Guidelines for the BHISD Mentor Program (PDF)

The Mentor Task Force and Mentor Program is led by Jami Navarre (ext. 1220).