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The mission of Barbers Hill Instructional Technology is to provide a 21st century learning environment that fosters innovation and creativity through the use of technology enhanced curriculum. Administrators, teachers, and staff will be provided with high-quality professional development that incorporates engaging technologies and pedagogical support in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments. This 21st century approach will promote student success, inspire a passion for and encourage life-long learning.


The goal of technology-related professional development is to empower administrators, teachers, and staff to infuse technology into curriculum/instruction and administrative/management functions. To reinforce learning and sustain their continuous improvement, staff members will be provided ongoing assistance and access to site-based technology support. This on-going support may include e-mail communications, online tutorials, discussion groups, and access to online research and materials.


  1. Provide professional development for all personnel that will promote forward thinking and innovation through the use of technology.
  2. Provide teachers and administration the digital tools and resources to engage students in meaningful curricular.
  3. Promote and Model 21st century learning and teaching.
  4. All instructional staff will implement the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers.
  5. The Technology Department will develop and implement a staff recognition program.

Student Technology Handbook and Responsible Use Guidelines (PDF)

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