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Staff and adminstration in Barbers Hill ISD schools may nominate a staff member that they feel merit recognition based on the integration and use of technology in the classroom.  Nominations may be submitted monthly by completing the online TECH MVP Nomination Form.  Winners will be announced on the last Tuesday of each month (excluding the months of August and December). 


Julie Modisette

Julie Modisette

Mrs. Modisette teachers Kindergarten at the Early Childhood Center.  She has been in education for over 21 years, 13 at Barbers Hill.

What do you love most about technology in the classroom?

The thing I love the most about teaching is seeing that "lightbulb" moment when a child knows that they know-the excitement of making connections! I love that technology is advanced enough to allow even kindergarten students to create and work independently and show and share what they have learned.

How has technology impacted your teaching?

I think technology has exploded with choices and ideas that help teachers reach all students with engaging sounds and visuals. I also think it gives teachers opportunities to connect with other classes allowing students to see beyond their classroom walls.

What is your favorite technology tool or device?

I find the interactive whiteboard to be the most versatile and useful tech tool for my teaching. It is an amazing (paper saving) tool for demonstrating how to complete class work and to access songs, videos and read alouds to connect to our learning.

Julie is always willing to help other teachers with their technology. She has taken our SEL lessons and made Google slides for all of the teachers for ease in implementation. She shares relevant websites, videos and content that help incorporate technology into lessons!!!

- Kellie Rogers, ECC Counselor 

teacher working with students on the ipad

"SHE IS A TECH MASTER!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!! She is always taking time to create interactive, fun slides and is ALWAYS open to sharing her hard work with the campus! She is your go-to girl for anything "tech" related!" - Allison Williams, ECC Kinder

"Julie is a Seesaw Ambassador, knows all things Google and can create anything our team can imagine. When anyone has questions or needs help trouble shooting on ANY technological platform, Julie is our resident expert!" - Lori Emerson, ECC Kinder

"Julie is AMAZING at creating and using technology in the classroom and shares her creations with our team to help us enhance our instruction. She also is willing to help troubleshoot and solve problems when necessary. She is a Seesaw Ambassador and a Google whiz and brings a wealth of knowledge to our hallway!" - Meagan Gonzalez, ECC Kinder

"Julie is always sharing new technology ideas that she's found for the classroom and always helps those around her! She's a tech rock star!" - Leslie Mulkey, ECC Kinder

teacher working with students on the ipad

"Julie utilizes all kinds of technology to help with data input, website collaboration, and lesson planning. She is great at researching TEKS and narrowing down skills needed to be taught that are aligned with the objectives. She creates Google resources for our whole team to use in data collection and application. Last year she helped pioneer the beginning of online learning for Kindergarten students and was a Seesaw Hero. She created lessons and shared her knowledge and skills with us. Julie loves technology and shows her students how to use an array of resources, such as Osmo, Beebots, Seesaw, and engaging learning games on the iPads. She makes our lives so easy with her skills, and her students thrive on learning new applications of the tech world." - Kara Kammerer, ECC Kinder

"Mrs. MODISETTE is the go to tech person at the ECC. She can create whatever lesson a teacher dreams up. She turns forms, document, and anything else that would be helpful into google doc forms or surveys for the campus. Other hallways will ask her for help as she is always willing to help out anyone. She also keeps up with the lasted technology information coming out, especially for educators. She sends out interesting new information to many across the campus who have asked her to help keep them informed on the technology and web based ideas out there. She is simply amazing. Mrs. MODISETTE is an asset to this campus and the District." - Josh Painter, ECC Assistant Principal

teacher working with students using Beebots
teaching working with students on interactive board