The Barbers Hill ISD network consists of a network operations center located near Barbers Hill Middle School. This operations center connects to all campus buildings and district facilities directly through underground fiber optic cabling. Each individual location has an established main distribution point and intermediate distribution points located in the facilities as needed. All MDFs and IDFs are also connected via fiber optics cabling for both speed and efficiency. Since all locations are directly connected to the NOC, the district has been able to develop a large LAN (local area network approach) using a star configuration arrangement for data distribution.

Barbers Hill ISD is primarily a Cisco shop, and we use a series of both stackable switches and chassis-built switches. Speed from MDF to IDF is 1gigabyte. The speed to the desktop is 100 megabytes. From the network operations center to the facilities we maintain a 10 gigabyte backbone. In addition to the distribution framework of the network, the district also maintains an incoming Internet feed of 50 megabytes. Internally, all connections to the desktop are via Ethernet cabling (Cat 5e or 6).