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Barbers Hill Independent School District
Tradition of Excellence

Tech MVP

Staff and administration in Barbers Hill ISD schools may nominate a staff member that they feel merit recognition based on the integration and use of technology in the classroom.  Nominations may be submitted monthly by completing the online TECH MVP Nomination Form.  Winners will be announced in the weekly Eagle Bits and Bytes (excluding the months of August and December). 

Cheri Hargrave
Computer Teacher, 1st - 3rd 
Elementary School North

October 2023


Cheri enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, cooking, fishing, camping, and cheering for my kids. Her husband, Kevin Hargrave, graduated from BH in 1991, and so did his parents. Her son, Denton, graduated from BH in 2019, and Emma will be graduating this May. As an educator in BH for the last 20 years, she has taken immense pleasure in watching many little Eagles learn to fly. She is extremely honored to be a part of such a great community.


What do you love most about technology in the classroom? What do you love most about teaching?

I love teaching technology because I love to see the students excited about learning. It never gets old when they ask me, "Do we come to see you this week?" It tells me that they love to see what they will be learning during this rotation.

What is your favorite tech tool and/or device?

My latest favorite tech program is Infiniti-D.

How has technology impacted you and your students?

Keeping up with the latest technology is essential in today's world. As a teacher, I understand the significance of staying informed about the latest programs and software to maintain my students' enthusiasm for learning. I make it a priority to teach my students keyboard skills and how to use desktop computers and Chromebooks effectively. I emphasize the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and mastering technology to prepare students for their academic and professional pursuits.

"I realize it is expected that she would use technology, but she goes above and beyond to teach our babies how to create things and thrive in technology." - Lindsey King

"Cheri is always available to help support the school in whatever we need. She will drop whatever she is doing to help a colleague and is Mrs. Fix it with all our tech! She goes above and beyond and never complains!" - Tera Stansbury

"She creates documents for us for writing." - Lindsey Carpenter

"Cheri is always finding new innovative ways to teach the students. She is always willing and happy to help with teachers." - Ashley Gilmore

"Cheri is always finding the coolest and most innovative activies that really engages the students and gets them excited about learning."- Mandy Andrews

"Cheri is always helping in the technology department. From doing a fix quick or creating a document - she's always willing and so helpful!" - Cammie Beasley

"Uses technology daily in the classroom. She makes learning exciting for the students. She always have suggestions to help other teachers use technology in their classroom." - Rhonda Jordan

"Cheri is a huge asset to ESN, consistently demonstrating her commitment to enhancing the learning experience for both teachers and students through the effective use of technology. Cheri's patient and supportive approach makes her a go-to resource for anyone seeking guidance on using technology for educational purposes. I’m so thankful for Cheri and all she brings to our district!" - Lisa Kana