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Barbers Hill Independent School District
Tradition of Excellence

Tech MVP

Staff and administration in Barbers Hill ISD schools may nominate a staff member that they feel merit recognition based on the integration and use of technology in the classroom.  Nominations may be submitted monthly by completing the online TECH MVP Nomination Form.  Winners will be announced in the weekly Eagle Bits and Bytes (excluding the months of August and December). 

Cheslea Taylor
10th grade ELA
High School

April 2024

April 2024 Tech MVP

Chelsea has been an educator for 11 years and teaching is her passion. This is her 5th year at The Hill, and she has loved every minute of it. Each year, the love for her job and students grow. She is so excited about what is to come for BH and she can't wait to learn the next great thing in educational technology!

Tech MVP with Students


What do you love most about technology in the classroom? What do you love most about teaching?

I love the simplicity of it. Any form of technology is typically made to help the classroom run more smoothly. Importing grades from a Google Form, checking for AI in my kids essays, giving my students tutorials online of things that may be needed to close the academic gaps-- all of it and so much more makes my job so much easier! Being open to learn different ways to use technology and allowing my kids to see me (sometimes) struggle with something new and us being able to work it out together, has really helped me become even closer to my students. They are the reason why I teach. Building relationships goes such a far way and using technology while building relationships is a great way to grow my kids (and myself)!

What is your favorite tech tool and/or device?

Canva!! I LOVE IT! Google has a piece of my heart-- but CANVA came in and stole it!

How has technology impacted you and your students?

My classroom uses technology daily. I love learning about new programs that help my students become more engaged in what we are learning. Being able to visit places using VR, using Writable to help students with the writing process, or even submitting a simple Google Form; We do it all! It has been so fun watching my students become more successful in their academics while using some form of technology is what makes our learning fun. I also do love when I am able to teach my students something new! (It's usually the other way around!)

Instructional Tech & Chelsea


"Mrs. Taylor uses technology at every opportunity, but most recently she tried a new lesson with the VR goggles and built in a closing activity where student dictated a description of the Globe Theater to AI and guided students through word choice and precise word usage to extract the image that matched the "tour" of the Globe Theater they had been on using the VR goggles. In this way she incorporates technology in multiple ways for students." - Shelia Taylor

"Chelsea is always willing to implement both new & “old” technology in her classroom. She’s always quick to help others in need of tech assistance! ." - Kayleigh Deakle