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Barbers Hill Independent School District
Tradition of Excellence

Tech MVP

Staff and administration in Barbers Hill ISD schools may nominate a staff member that they feel merit recognition based on the integration and use of technology in the classroom.  Nominations may be submitted monthly by completing the online TECH MVP Nomination Form.  Winners will be announced in the weekly Eagle Bits and Bytes (excluding the months of August and December). 

Jennifer Sandlin
7th grade Math
Middle School North

March 2024

Jennifer has dedicated 28 years to teaching, with 23 of those years spent at Barbers Hill.

What do you love most about technology in the classroom? What do you love most about teaching?

I love using technology in the classroom because it helps me give feedback to my students almost immediately. I love teaching because I get to watch young people learn and grow

What is your favorite tech tool and/or device?

This year, my IPad. I try to incorporate a new tech tool every year.

How has technology impacted you and your students?

Technology allows me to help students visualize math concepts. I can show students visual models digitally instead of my hand scratched, crooked drawings. I can also provide information and help for students when they are not in the classroom.

"Jennifer is an invaluable tech asset for both her team and the campus community. Her intrinsic motivation is evident, and I consistently rely on her to explore new technology equipment, software, and concepts. Moreover, Jennifer has showcased her expertise multiple times at our district's technology conference, where she receives exceedingly positive feedback and praise." - Jennifer Stephens

"Jennifer is always leading the team in creative ways to incorporate technology into our lessons. She is great at finding interactive websites for models and manipulatives for our middle schoolers." - Jennel Fisher

"Jennifer is always looking for new tech to try out! " - Lacy Hanf