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Barbers Hill Fight Song

Oh, when the Barbers Hill High School falls in line
We're gonna win that game another time
For the Barbers Hill High we love so well
For the Barbers Hill High we'll yell and yell and yell
And then we'll Fight, Fight, Fight for every score
We'll circle in and then we'll win some more
We're gonna roll those _______on the sod, on the sod
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Those Barbers Hill boys are hard to beat
They're just a hundred per from head to feet
They've got the style, the smile, the winning way
And everywhere you go you'll recognize and say
There a Barbers Hill boy I'm glad to know
He's got the good old football pep and go
And just look at him he's sure to beat, hard to beat
Barbers Hill football boys!