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Our Finances

Barbers Hill ISD has one of the lowest tax levies in the greater Houston area. This has only been possible through vigilant watch over spending and ensuring the district receives the highest possible return on investment. The Finance Department has been proactive in meeting our Board of Trustees’ goal to diversify district revenue through Chapter 313 agreements. The district leads the state in this innovative partnership with local expanding industry.

Tax Rates

  • Tax Rate (per $100 valuation)
    • Maintenance and Operations: $0.99
    • Bonded Debt: $0.2698
  • Total Tax Rate: $1.2598


Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST): Superior (16 consecutive years)
Moody's Investors Service Rating: Aa2
S & P Global Rating: AA


Homestead Exemption: 20%
Over 65 Homestead Exemption: $150,000 (one of the highest in Texas)


Instructional Budget: $48.6 million (70%)
Non-Instructional Budget: $21.5 million (30%)
Education Foundation Fund: $51 million