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Syllabus and Class Expectations Dance 1-4

Dance Parents & Students:

Welcome to the sixth year of the Barbers Hill HS School Dance Program! I am so excited to see how this program has developed and I hope that it will continue to grow. Dance education helps students in so many ways. It provides students with a way of expressing themselves creatively and helps them gain confidence and body awareness. The dance program is designed to teach students fundamentals in dance and choreography, and to help students develop self-discipline and focus. Through dance, students come to appreciate rich and diverse cultures, beliefs, and societies. Thank you for being a part of this class! Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Chreography
  • Improvisation
  • Jazz
  • Performance
  • Strength Training
  • Ballet/Lyrical
  • Musical Theater/Tap
  • Fitness/Nutrition
  • Dance History
  • Hip Hop
  • Physical

During the year expectations may change; flexibility will be important for students, parents and teachers. My hope is that I can give all of my dance students the best possible experience but in order to do that I need to make sure both parents and students are aware of the current expectations.

Day 1- To comply with social distancing requirements, students will be assigned a row and designated movement area.Until further notice, students will report to that area and will follow classroom procedures for dressing out and daily activities.

  1. LOCKERS WILL NOT be issued to individual students. Lockers will be assigned based on rows. Lockers will remain locked and only the teacher will be able to issue and access items inside the locker.
  2. Students should bring clothes in a large sealable 3-5 gallon ziploc type bag. This includes all personal items, including shoes.
  3. We will begin dressing out on August 25th***Students are expected to dress out every day in black ankle length jazz pants & a black fitted shirt. As this is a movement class, students must be dressed for movement. The 1st and 2nd time a student does not dress they will receive a daily grade of a 50, but only if they participate. The 3rd time a student does not dress they will receive a zero and the explanation will be noted in the grade book. This process starts over every 6 weeks.
  4. Students are expected to participate in all class activities and be willing to try new movements, accept critiques, and rehearse material learned in class.
  5. Students are expected to treat the dance room and locker area as a classroom. There is NO food, drinks, or gum allowed in the classroom. Only clear water is allowed.
  6. Students are expected to seek out any missed information when absent.
  7. Students are expected to turn in any written or choreographic assignment on time.
  8. Phones are not allowed in the dance room or gym.

ASSESSMENT: Assessment is an important part of instruction. A combination of teacher, peer, and self-assessment will be used. Grades will be recorded on a daily basis but then averaged and entered as a weekly grade. Participation & Dressing out will count as 60 % of the six weeks grades and written and/or performance assessment will make up the other 40%.

  1. Re-testing: Students may retest if they fail a written or performance test with a 69 or below.
  2. Tutorials: By appointment
  3. Absences: If a student is absent for more than ONE day they must meet with me to be given a make-up assignment. It could be written or performance based.
  4. Final Exam for Dance 1-4 Theater tech for our end of the year production

Students will begin dressing out on August 25th. Example: Academy Leggings Academy Tank

Dancewear: All students must wear ankle length black pants, (NOT TIGHTS). These are available at Academy, Walmart, Target and various other locations. Amazon carries a wide variety of black leggings. Please make sure that they are not see-through. The links above will take you to the correct items.
Shoes: Dancers may wear jazz shoes, ballet shoes, dance sneakers or they may go barefooted but they are not allowed to wear socks or street shoes/sneakers. The jazz shoes can be tan or black. Athletic shoes can be worn on workout days.
Hair: Will be pulled back and off of the face and neck.
Jewelry: All dangle earrings, bracelets, and long necklace should be removed. ID badges should be left in your assigned locker as well.
Lost or Stolen Items: If your clothes are misplaced or stolen you will only have one week to replace the items without getting points taken off your dress out grade. Our room can be very cold! Students may wear a black long sleeve t-shirt over the dance t-shirt with their jazz pants.

Lockers will be assigned as stated in our classroom expectations. We will follow the district and campus policy for using the restroom.

Cell phones are NOT permitted in the classroom/gym and should be locked up in your locker. Referrals will be assigned if this becomes a continuous issue.

Please check my webpage for more information about the class. If you have any questions, please contact me at I know this is going to be a great year!


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