Barbers Hill Middle School South


The Model of a Comprehensive, Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program consist of four components of Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support. The purposes of each area are:

  • Guidance Curriculum: The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to teach students how to develop transferable skills.
  • Responsive Services: The purpose of responsive services is to intervene on behalf of students whose immediate personal concerns or circumstances put their continued educational, career, personal, and social development at risk.
  • Individual Planning: The purpose of individual planning is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their individual educational, career, personal, and social development.
  • System Support: The purpose of system support is to identify and coordinate resources and activities on campus and in the community that indirectly benefit students.

Character Development

By developing good character and social-emotional skills, we focus on a different character trait each month, and students who display the best example of these traits are honored each month.

BHISD Character Traits 2020 - 2021 (Google Doc)

Getting Involved
Be a volunteer.
Be a mentor.

Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone
Ext. 1225


Nikki Hollingsworth

Nikki Hollingsworth
Ext. 2485

Krissy Robbins

Kristina Robbins
Counselor's Clerk
Ext. 1527