Barbers Hill Portraits

Barbers Hill Portraits

Barbers Hill Portraits is a new, innovative approach to school pictures that provides parents high-quality, affordable packages for annual and bi-annual student, team, and group portraits. 

Barbers Hill portraits are taken in-house by our experienced district and campus photographers. As an added convenience and safety feature, our  program allows parents to view and purchase portrait packages completely online after the portrait has been taken, with a choice of backgrounds for student images. No paper forms or pre-payments are required.

Portraits schedules and package pricing are listed below.

Retake days will be available for students who are currently Remote Learners. 

For questions, please contact us at

Packages & Pricing

Order Online

For your convenience, the portrait process is completely online. No forms or pre-payment required. Once portraits are ready for viewing, you will receive an email with a link. Portraits are available throughout the school year for ordering. Portrait orders are shipped directly to your home.

Photo Dates

Fall Portraits

September 16:  Middle School North Fall Portraits
September 29:  Elementary School South Fall Portraits
October 7:  Middle School South Fall Portraits
October 15:  Elementary School North Fall Portraits
October 19:  Pre-K Center Fall Portraits
October 23:  Early Childhood Center Fall Portraits

High School portraits will be scheduled soon

Athletics Portraits

September 8:  High School Volleyball
September 9:  High School Football


For questions about Barbers Hill Portraits you can contact us at