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Tuition Pre-K

Barbers Hill quality...Private school advantage

Like all Barbers Hill programs, our Tuition-PreK sets a standard of excellence for students. Historical data for this pre-kindergarten program indicates that children who have completed the BH Tuition-PreK program score higher on average on end-of-year kindergarten tests than students who have not completed our program.


Tuition Pre-K Enrollment Information

To enroll your child in Tuition Pre-K, please visit the Tuition Pre-K webpage.

Best deal in town

Barbers Hill Tuition PreK provides many advantages not available elsewhere. A few of our most outstanding benefits are:

  • Certified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Competitive tuition rates
  • Full day program

Monthly Tuition includes:

  • Bus transportation to/from your home or daycare
  • School lunches
  • All school supplies
  • Monthly field trips


What parents are saying...

"I am so happy we chose to put (our child) in this program and will do the same for my other two children. I was very impressed when walking the halls, hearing such a positive atmosphere and learning going on, when nobody knew there was anyone around. BHKC has exceeded my expectations!" Brandi

"The teachers and aides take a personal interest in every single student. It is great to see the love they have for not only their job but for their students as well!" Jennifer

"We have a true reader on our hands thanks to my son's Tuition PreK teacher. He's not just reading from memory, he is sounding out words he has never seen before. We are so proud to be a part of BHISD!" Tammy

"Tuition PreK was an amazing experience and provided a great opportunity to extend my son's language experience. In kindergarten he participates in the Bilinguial program, and thanks to the strong foundation in T-PreK, he has been able to learn to read in English and Spanish. And he knows his sight word lists in both English and Spanish!" Dana

"My child has grown academically and socially, all due to these incredible PreK teachers. Teachers like these wonderful ladies are the foundation of this program." Laura

Tuition Pre-K Details

Tuition-based pre-kindergarten is an optional program for children whose parents want them to attend pre-kindergarten in Barbers Hill ISD to prepare them for kindergarten.

Barbers Hill ISD offers tuition-based pre-kindergarten to children who are 4 years old on or before September 1st based on space available.

Tuition-Based Pre-Kindergarten in Barbers Hill ISD offers quality early learning:

  • Child-centered curriculum based on the Texas pre-kindergarten guidelines
  • Comprehensive early language and literacy program designed to prepare children for success in kindergarten
  • Integrated technology with opportunities throughout the day for children to use computers and interactive boards to increase their learning
  • Highly qualified and certified teachers in every classroom.
  • Tuition for the program is $700 per month.
  • $450 is the total fee due at registration ($100 registration fee + $350 which is half of the last month's tuition). This $450 payment is nonrefundable and will be drafted from your account when your registration is processed.


Why Pre-K?

Pre-Kindergarten is a hot topic in Texas as our state legislators discuss future expansion of regular PreK. Read more here for information on how quality PreK programs can help children succeed.

Pre-K Executive Summary (PDF)