Star Staff

Stacey Artis

My name is Stacey Artis. I am currently in my eleventh year of service at Barbers Hill High School. I work in the Special Education Department with life skill students as an instructional aide. 

 My family and I are not natives to the true blue. In fact my roots are maroon and white.” Home of the fighting Ganders”. I grew up in Baytown, Texas when things were a lot more underdeveloped, the neighborhoods were smaller and the communities close knit. For those who knew, Texas Avenue was the place to be and the Brunson Theater was the life of the town, and the Baytown of yester-year will forever hold a special place in my heart.                 

I graduated from Robert E. Lee High School, and Lee College of Baytown, Texas. Having said that let me also say that I have come to love and appreciate being a part of the Ocean of Blue family. 

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work around so many amazing people teachers and students alike. I love the way this district takes care of one another, especially in times of hardship. Everyone pulls together to show love and support, and my all time favorite thing is to see the students making progress no matter how large or small it is, because it's all heading in the right direction of growth. Progress happens when you have a team working together striving for the same common goal, and I believe we have this here. 

My pastimes are learning how to challenge myself to think of something I’m truly grateful for. Life gets hard and busy sometimes and I think it best to try to spend quality time with my family, attending church, and telling the people that matter most, “I love you”, but with all that being said my all time favorite pastime is... 100%... and totally... rewarding myself with a nap before the week-end is over.